Are You Ready for the Bungay Olympics?


Following the runaway success of last year’s Bungay vs. Bungay football match, a special between two teams of people, all with the surname Bungay, organisers are considering a Bungay Olympics to finally decide just who is the best Bungay in Bungay.

The aim of the match was to raise the profile of the football club and the town. ‘We have certainly achieved all of those but the trick now is to make sure that results in having a more successful first team,’ Organiser Shaun Cole told the EDP, ‘Bungay Town is a great place to play football and my dream is that within 10 years we will once again host an FA Cup match.’

Now plans are afoot for an all-Bungay Olympics, possibly as soon as next year. Rather than repeat the Bungay-on-Bungay competition, the idea is for those with the name Bungay to take on the townsfolk, so it really is a new kind of Bungay vs. Bungay.

What do you think of the idea? Let us know in the comments section below.

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