BBC Radio 4 Poet Speaks Up For Bungay Library

The deadline for the survival of Suffolk’s libraries looms ever closer, as BBC Radio 4 Poet, Luke Wright, shows his support for Bungay culture.

Wright, 29, regularly tours the country with his poetry and is a resident poet on Radio 4’s Saturday Live Show. The poet moved to Bungay, and had much to say on the fact that the county council look to hand over 29 of 44 libraries to private of voluntary groups, which could mean the end of some libraries.

He told the Eastern Daily Press, “The entrance hall is bright with posters and flyers for all sort of local events, there are always people using the facilities and at night it’s used as a meeting place for local organisations, from running clubs to sewing societies. It’s such a well-loved, well-used facility in a great building.

“At the moment my son Aiden, who is almost two, loves to run around in the beautiful enclosed garden but as he gets older I’d hate it if he had to grow up in a town without a library, in a county once well served for libraries with very few left.”

There is a hive of action and applications for the running of libraries in the county. With renowned artists speaking out, Bungay can hopefully retain a part of its wonderful town.

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