Bungay: A Top 20 Town in The UK

The Times Newspaper Recently Published its Top 30 Towns in Britain, with Bungay sitting pretty in the top 20 places to live in the whole country

To Bungay residents The Times Newspaper Top 20 town classification is no surprise. Most already know what a gem this market town is and we think it is best described by Guardian Journalist Tom Dyckhoff in his article about why Bungay is a great place to move to when he says: ‘Bungay is a town that’s fallen down the back of the sofa. All sorts of peculiar things end up here. Like Julian Assange who, before he holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy, chose to squirrel himself away in Bungay. They still have shops selling wicker baskets.’

So what did The Times have to say about Bungay in Suffolk and why they feel it is a Top 20 Town to live in The UK

bungay-top-20-places-to-live‘Why is it so great? Set in a meander of the River Waveney, Bungay is a tranquil and historic town. Lots of walking, cycling and fishing and there is a theatre. The Norfolk Broads are near enough for day trips.
Who lives here? Nigel Steele of Jackson-Stops & Staff says it’s still a farming community but it is popular with Norwich commuters.

House prices: Most property is Georgian and Victorian, especially Upper Olland Street and The Staithe, costing up to £1 million. The average price is £173,714.

So it looks like this article may increase the exposure of Bungay’s property to outside markets, could Bungay be in for a property boom?

Articles like this are on the whole a good thing. They reinforce peoples opinions who have always lived here and also those who have recently moved to Bungay that yes it is a great place to live. It possibly also reminds those who live here why it is such a great place to live. Articles such as this will increase the interest in the town and that can only be a good thing for local businesses. I guess the only fear would be for residents who may already be struggling to buy their first home due to current property prices and the difficulties in getting a larger enough deposit for a mortgage.

Articles such as this may encourage second home buyers to buy-up property in Bungay and therefore inflate the bungay house prices as their non-local salaries are not the same as those living locally. Having said that, there may be local property owners who welcome an increase in house prices. Either way, its got to be a good thing that Bungay is a top 20 place to live in the UK, so lets celebrate it and continue to welcome visitors to our wonderful market town.

What are your thoughts on Bungay making the top 20 places to live? Leave your comments below…
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