Bungay Cyclist Sets New Record

Bungay’s East District Cycling Association were celebrating this week after member Mark Elmy set a new record in the Hour Rollers event.

The Roller record involved the bike being placed on a set of rollers connected to a specially made clock designed to record the distance cycled in laps of 500m. Without track conditions to worry about, cyclists see Roller events as a great way to concentrate on building stamina and power.

Mark Elmy used a specially modified track bike to smash the record of 174 laps with an unbelievable distance of 181 laps. This record is even more impressive considering a mishap that forced him to restart his attempt after he had already completed 35 laps.

Wind caused crash mats to flap, leading Mr Elmy to fall from his bike, but he immediately dusted himself off and returned to his record attempt.

Mr Elmy’s bike used a front gear with a whopping 100 teeth and a rear wheel with only 16, meaning that with every full turn of the pedals, the bike would travel 43 feet, or 13 metres.

In the run-up to this year’s Olympic Games, local sports societies are more popular than ever, and the East District Cycling Association is enjoying an unprecedented success among locals.

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