Bungay Set For An Incredible Summer in 2016


Bungay is set for another bumper year if statistics are anything to go by!

It is estimated that tourism in Suffolk is worth £1.8 billion every year. In terms of the local economy this covers 17,131 full time jobs and around 34, 237 jobs in total. It is estimated that these jobs represent just over 11% and therefore it is understandable that local ministers are looking to boost tourism as much as possible.

Bungay is certainly no slouch in this regard- it is the home of a number of interesting shops, the iconic Bungay castle and some excellent restaurants. However arguably one of its biggest attractions is the Fisher Theatre, home to some of the biggest theatrical productions in the region.

Indeed Bungay’s reputation in theatrical terms attracted the attention of the Globe’s touring players and now every year the company has included Bungay as one of the stops on its tour. There is something appropriate and atmospheric in seeing Hamlet produced against the backdrop of a historic castle and with the audience able to bring their own refreshments it can be a great way to introduce even the most Shakespeare-phobic audience members to the work of the Bard!

A good indicator of whether or not people will be attracted to coming to the region are the people looking to learn more about the local region. With enquiries on the website about Bungay up 34.02% on last year this seems to be the case (in effect that means a third more people want to know about the town- and even if that doesn’t necessarily translate into visitors that it is still a significant amount more of people potentially visiting the town).

With people predicting another hot summer it seems that Bungay is likely to once again be another popular place to visit. While some people deal with the hassle of luggage restrictions and delays it may be worth enjoying a break on your own doorstep!

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