Bungay vs Bungay – Charity Football Match of the Year

bungay-vs-bungay-charity-football-matchBungay vs Bungay must be one of the best conceived Charity Football Matches this Year, if not ever!

Bungay FC have hit on a winning formula to help boost their profile – a bizarre charity match in which all 22 players, as well as the referee, linesmen, reserves, mascot and team doctor, all share the surname of ‘Bungay.’

The event was dreamed up by Shaun Cole of the BUngay FC management committee, who put out a call via Facebook and Twitter for Bungays to take part in the match. Players who shared the unusual surname came from all over the world, with some even travelling from the USA and Australia to take part.

The final score was 6-6, although the real winners were the Jack and Ada Beattie Foundation, which supports vulnerable people. The Foundation received all profits from the match.

The event has drawn national coverage, with both tabloids like the Sun and broadsheets like the Telegraph covering the match. Sadly, the match was not televised, which would have led to the most bizarre and confusing commentary of all time: “And it’s Bungay, to Bungay, and a great tackle by Bungay, who passes to Bungay, cross to Bungay, he shoots! But a great save by Bungay leaves Bungay disappointed. Bungay will certainly be relieved.”

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