Bungay’s Famous Black Dog Marathon Returns

A devilish black dog

Bungay is a town full of history and a rich past. You should never be forgiven, though, for thinking that it’s dead. When, on 4 August 1577, lightning struck Bungay’s St. Mary’s Church, a hell hound was said to burst through the Church doors and attack several members of the congregation before vanishing and reappearing in Holy Trinity Church, Blythburgh. It was Black Shuck, a demonic dog that terrified East Anglia and its residents. Black Shuck left two large, fiery paw prints which can still be seen on the Church’s doors to this day. It’s not the only thing that he left, however, and this April his legacy is set to return in the form of the town’s annual marathon.

In order to raise money for the NSPCC, the town has been hosting its annual Black Dog Marathon and Half-Marathon (named after Black Shuck) every April. For this exciting Bungay Marathon, runners depart from Malting Pavillion on Pirnhow Street and wind their way through this historic town and then on through the Waveney Valley, passing through Beccles and the Maltings Meadow. This year’s event is set to occur on the 6th April, and costs between £18 and £23 to enter, depending on what sort of race one opts for, and whether or not you’re a UKA affiliate. Sign-up forms can be found on the NSPCC’s event page for the marathon.

Whether you’re a local or a visitor keen on exploring this historic and charmingly beautiful part of East Anglia, all are welcome to take part, and all of the proceeds go towards the NSPCC and its valuable work. If you’d like to mix a bit of picturesque countryside with your history, the Black Dog Marathon is the place to do it! You never know, you might even come across Bungay’s more… fiery… visitor…

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