Bungay’s Newest Dairy is the Cream of the Crop

Bungay dairy farmer Jonny Crickmore is at the forefront of a boom in fresh, local milk thanks to his brand new Milk Shed at Fen Farm on the Flixton Road.

After being inspired during a trip to New Zealand, where fresh, unpasteurised milk is hugely popular, Mr Crickmore began selling his own milk direct from the farm. He told the EDP: “Wouldn’t it be great to sell our own milk straight from the farm gate. We’ve always known that milk tastes so much better when it comes straight from the cow.”

“Within a few days we were selling an odd bottle or two. It didn’t long before word of mouth started bringing more customers,” he added.

“It didn’t take long once they’d drunk some of our milk and then they realised the difference. Once they’d had the first bottle, they all stared coming back again. We do have people who come from miles just to get some our milk.”

Mr Crickmore, who was a national runner-up in the 2009 Dairy Farmer of the Future award, now plans to build on his success by producing a range of local unpasteurised cheeses including a special Bungay Brie.

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