Bungay’s Strangest House Is On The Market

A quick look at the picture may leave you thinking there’s something wrong with your eyes or your computer monitor, but in fact, Charity Cottage at Ilketshall St Margaret near Bungay, barely has a straight line or right angle in sight.

The crazy cottage was built in 1590, and has been carefully preserved ever since. Aiden Branch, of Durrants Estate Agents, told the Daily Mail:’Timber frame properties do move and 400-plus years of movement here in various ways has resulted in the unusual look. The windows are tilted so much that you wouldn’t want to have to hang up the curtains in line with them. The edge of the thatched roof is also a bit wibbly wobbly.’

‘There was a side extension added to the cottage in the 1970s but apart from that the timber frame and main body of the cottage is still the original 1590 structure. It really is like something out of Hansel and Gretel. It is what you would think you would find if you walked through a fairytale forest.’

The house is expected to fetch around £375,000, which is relatively low for such a stunning building. So if you like the idea of living in such an unusual property, why not check out this truly unique cottage?

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