Enjoy the delightful parks in Bungay


Bungay has a number of delightful parks to walk around, explore and keep you and your family entertained

Bungay is a charming market town and is well known for the Fisher theatre and some great shops. However it is also blessed with a location that provides you with some great countryside walks and the area is well worth exploring.

There are three main play parks (Garden Close, Meadow Road and Wherry Road) so if you have kids and you want them to run around and play somewhere safe this is ideal. The best thing is you can give them the space they need while at the same time being able to supervise them from a safe distance.

A great area to walk around and explore is Bungay common. The area has a specifically designated right to roam area so you can walk or give your dog some exercise without accidentally encroaching on someone’s land. With the area regularly maintained it is ideal for people to use- whether you are a walker, love fishing or playing a bit of golf this place is ideal.

As well as the common you always have the area around Bungay Castle- perfect for some stylish photos and the area in general is well worth wandering around.

In short Bungay’s parks and walkways are well worth taking time to take a look around!

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