Explore Bungay in the New Year

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January can be a depressing month. It is a time where people don’t have any money, there is the inevitable post Christmas guilt so you eat less and the cold weather can make it feel depressing. Fortunately there is a solution to this that doesn’t have to cost anything- get out more!

Of course if you are new to the area then it can be hard to decide where to go. Yes it is good to amble around and explore but sometimes this can lead to getting lost and forgetting where you parked the car (or end up stumbling on someone’s land and facing the wrath of a disgruntled landowner.) In this instance then it can help to have a guide who can make this a little bit easier.

Fortunately Earsham Street café owner Keith Parker has stepped in to help people, providing a online leaflet that offers a clear guide to the best walks around Bungay, ensuring that you can explore around the town without worrying about where you are going and whether or not it will be dark by the time you are finished. There is also the additional benefit of a clear map indicating which are the footpaths that are accessible and what parts are not (it also helpfully shows you where the free parking is)

Generally the main reason people often choose to go out is because they need to walk the dog (and with certain breeds this “walk” can be the equivalent of being dragged around by a furry rollercoaster). Thankfully all the walks listed on the leaflet are suitable for your enthusiastic canine friend to burn off the energy they will have inevitably built up while you were waking up before setting off on your epic journey!

Of course you may have small children (or hung over young adults) who may not be in the mood for a long walk. Inevitably this may mean that you have to rethink any large scale walking plans. Fortunately there is also a short 1 mile option that can be a reasonable compromise if you only want a short time out.

Naturally at the end of your epic trek or brief stroll there are plenty of great restaurants and pubs to go to so that you can refresh yourself and reward your troupe for their endeavours out into the cold. It is also something well worth doing if you can’t face another detox!


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