Fowl Play At Chicken Roundabout?

Mystery surrounds one of East Anglia’s wackiest landmarks this week after five ornamental chickens appeared on the famous Chicken Roundabout, only to disappear again just as mysteriously.

Chicken Roundabout, on the A143 between Beccles and Bungay, got its name from the huge colony of feral chickens that used to inhabit it. The chickens were relocated by the council after the population exploded, and after unwanted pets began to be abandoned on the roundabout.

But the roundabout made the news last week after five ornamental hens appeared, to the surprise and confusion of local residents. Jenny Cook, who used to care for the feral chicken colony along with fellow resident Gordon Knowles, told the BBC: “All five were ornamental chickens and couldn’t get off the ground and the roundabout has no trees with low branches for them to escape from predators.”

But just as suddenly as the hens arrived on the roundabout, they disappeared. Jenny Cook offered only this cryptic clue as to where they ended up: “Someone rescued them and re-homed them and they have been taken to a safe home.”

Do you know anything about these mysterious ornamental hens? If you do, we’d love to hear from you in our comments section below.

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