Handy dog walks around Bungay

Bungay Black Shuck

If you want to keep your dog happy take them on a walk around Bungay

Bungay is well known for the story of Black Shuck, the evil monster dog that prowled the area. Fortunately for most dog owners their pets are perfectly lovely and just need a bit of exercise every now and then. Fortunately Bungay provides some great places to explore with your pooch in tow without fear of monsters!

According to Walkiees.com there are three main walks in Bungay and they all start from the Earsham Street Cafe. The first is relatively simple- walking around the centre of the town provides a bit of exercise for your dog while at the same time giving you the chance to familiarise yourself in the local area.

The second walk is around Outney Common and is around 2 and a half miles, ideal if you want to give your dog a bit of exercise while at the same time not being overly strenuous. Initially you walk along the river before heading around the golf course (while you do have right of way be aware of incoming golf balls!) Eventually as you go past the clubhouse you then arrive back at the Earsham Street Cafe.

The final walk is the 5 and a half mile walk around Bath Hills. This walk is best suited for people who want to see more natural sights and get the most physical activity for your dog.

In short if you want to keep your dog fit and enjoy interesting things to see you are advised to take a trip to Bungay!

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