Have the Remains of Black Shuck Been Found?

Bungay Black Shuck

The skeleton of a gigantic dog resembling the infamous Black Shuck have been found near Leiston Abbey.

One of Bungay’s most fearsome legends, that of the Bungay Black Shuck, may appear to have stepped out of the realm of myth and into reality. Rumours of hellhounds have abounded for centuries, but this particular black dog was first reported to have appeared at Blythburgh Church, when a black devil dog burst into the church and killed two people and causing the collapse of the church steeple. It then appeared 12 miles away in Bungay, where it killed two worshippers at St Mary’s Church, leaving one shrivelled “like a drawn purse” as he prayed.

Last year, the archaeological group Dig Ventures uncovered the bones of an extremely large dog in the ruins of Leiston Abbey. It would have weighed more than 14 stone and stood 7ft tall on its back legs. The unmarked grave was less than 20 inches deep and unmarked. Pottery fragments found at the same level date from the height of the alleged reign of the Bungay Black Shuck. Radio carbon dating tests will settle once and for all the mystery of these mysterious bones and whether or not they do truly come from the legendary Black Shuck…

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