Suffolk Outdoor Playgrounds

Bungay is an area popular with families, with nearby areas seeing the benefits of high quality playground equipment for local children.

There are a lot more benefits to playground equipment, then you may first think. Research has shown that high quality Outdoor Playground Equipment improves the mood of children greatly and motivates them to be more active and engage in physical exercise.

Local councils in Suffolk and indeed across the UK have been investing in play areas in both schools and housing areas. Having these areas to use at break times in school is a great way to break up the day for children, giving them time to have some fun. The play areas are just as important after school and in the holidays too, giving children somewhere safe to play, away from roads etc.

Admiral are a company that build and provide equipment like this and they are proud of what they offer,

“Admiral draws together a vast array of talent, understanding and experience in this specialist area. We offer a comprehensive service from consultation to design, from construction to implementation and maintenance, for every kind of educational play and sporting area.”

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