Take a Step Back in Time With the Suffolk Archive Office

Take a Step Back in Time With the Suffolk Archive Office

Calling all amateur genealogists and armchair historians! The new Suffolk Record Office online portal lets you get to grips with local history more easily than ever before.


As anyone who has tried to research family or local history in Suffolk will tell you, getting information from county and parish archives has always been a time consuming and frustrating business. But now, thanks to the new online portal of the Suffolk Record Office, uncovering the past is now as simple as a Google search.

The new site, www.suffolkarchives.co.uk, allows anybody to search, locate and even order historical materials from a huge variety of sources. The project is intended to expand, with more and more materials scheduled to be digitised and added to the online archive.

Councillor Richard Smith of Bury St Edmunds, where the Archive Office is headquartered, said to the Bury Free press: “It allows people far greater access than ever before to be able to research Suffolk’s History as well as their own roots.”

As council cabinet member for finance and heritage, Councillor Smith is taking the lead on expanding access to the myriad archives held in the county, promising a steady flow of new content.

So if you want to explore your family’s past or learn more about the people and places of Suffolk, make sure that you visit the new and improved Suffolk Archive online portal, and if you discover something incredible, make sure to let us know in the comments.

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